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How do film-makers manipulate our emotions with music?

BBC Arts & Culture has an article with the above title which cites a couple of music cognition studies.  The BBC is currently airing a program called  Sound of Cinema:  The Music that Made the Movies which you can watch if … Continue reading

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Do informal musical activities shape auditory skill development in preschool-age children?

This article reviews the literature regarding the effect of “musically active” families on the musical development of children, and takes the position that based on the research, early music activities (including with infants) can affect children’s ability to learn, or, … Continue reading

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Two articles from the July 2013 issue of Psychology of Music

The July 2013 issue of Psychology of Music is available online (although it’s behind a paywall in most databases).  I summarized the abstracts of a couple of the more interesting-sounding articles below, but you can check out the full table … Continue reading

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A rundown on recent music news & blog posts

While I’m excited about the relatively new Music Cognition U: A Resource Center, it seems that just grabbing a news feed may not be the best way to ensure that you’re always providing relevant articles.  For example, a recent post … Continue reading

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Psychology of Music November 2012

The major articles published in the latest Psychology of Music are listed below.  You can see the complete table of contents here: Authors:  Marion Long, Susan Hallam, Andrea Creech, Helena Gaunt, and Linnhe Robertson Title:  Do prior experience, gender, … Continue reading

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Music Cognition Table of Contents for Topics in Cognitive Science

One-third of the October 2012 issue of Topics in Cognitive Science is devoted to the question “Why should music be of interest to cognitive scientists?”  (as blogged by Henkjan Honing at Music Matters.  While I read the abstracts of several … Continue reading

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Music and Early Language Acquisition

Authors:  Anthony Brandt, Molly Gebrian and L. Robert Slevc Publication:  Frontiers in Psychology Publication volume & issue:  vol 3 no. 00327 Year:  2012 Link: DOI: 10.3389/fpsyg.2012.00327 From the abstract:  “…we argue that it is more productive from a developmental … Continue reading

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