Tell all the music teachers you know

This article provides more evidence about the lasting benefits of music education, even if you don’t stick with it.  They attempt to answer the question about “whether musical training during childhood leaves an enduring imprint on the adult brain.”

Authors: Erika Skoe and Nina Kraus
The Journal of Neuroscience
Publication volume & date:  
August 22, 2012, vol. 32 no. 34, pages 11507-11510
 “Playing a musical instrument changes the anatomy and function of the brain. But do these changes persist after music training stops? We probed this question by measuring auditory brainstem responses in a cohort of healthy young human adults with varying amounts of past musical training. We show that adults who received formal music instruction as children have more robust brainstem responses to sound than peers who never participated in music lessons and that the magnitude of the response correlates with how recently training ceased. Our results suggest that neural changes accompanying musical training during childhood are retained in adulthood. . .”

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