Chicks like consonant music.

Jason G. Goldman, writing in Scientific American, discusses the research by Giorgio Vallortigara and Cinzia Chiandetti about chicks’ preference for consonant over dissonant music.

Chiandetti, C., & Vallortigara, G. (2011). Chicks like consonant music. Psychological science 22 (10), 1270-1273.  URL

From the abstract:  The question of whether preference for consonance is rooted in acoustic properties important to the auditory system or is acquired through enculturation has not yet been resolved.  Two-month-old infants prefer consonant over dissonant intervals, but it is possible that this preference is rapidly acquired through exposure to music soon after birth or in utero. . . In the research reported here, we found that newly hatched domestic chicks show a spontaneous preference for a visual imprinting object associated with consonant sound intervals over an identical object associated with dissonant sound intervals…

Public Domain photograph from Wikimedia Commons.

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