Music Perception September 2011

The September issue of Music Perception is now available in JSTOR.

The table of contents is available here.  Even without access to JSTOR, you can view the first page of each article online.

The articles in this issue are listed below.

  • Our Varying Histories and Future Potential: Models and Maps in Science, the Humanities, and in Music Theory by Eugene Narmour.
  • Music perception and Cognition Research from 1893 to 2010: A  Categorical and Bibliometric Analysis of Empirical Articles in Music Perception by Anna K. Tiorvolas and Daniel J. Levitin
  • Does the Body Move the Soul?  The Impact of Arousal on Music Preference by Thomas Schafer and Peter Sedlmeier
  • Music-Language Correlations and the “Scotch Snap” by Nicholas & David Temperley
  • The Effects of Stimulus Rate and Tapping Rate on Tapping Performance by Benjamin Rich Zendel, Bernhard Ross, and Takako Fujioka
  • Rhythmic Abilities of Adolescents and Adults with Williams Syndrome by Pastora Martínez-Castilla, María Sotillo,  and Ruth Campos
  • Beyond Demand:  Investigating Spontaneous Evaluation of Chord Progressions with the Affective Priming Paradigm by Mira Müller, Julian Klein, and Thomas Jacobsen
  • Practice Makes Too Perfect:  Fluctuations in Loudness Indicate Spontaneity in Musical Improvisation by Peter E. Keller, Andreas Weber, and Annerose Engel
  • Rhythmic Refinements to the nPVI Measure: A Reanalysis of Patel & Daniele (2003a) by Justin London and Katherine Jones
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