Psychology of Music July 2011

The table of contents for the journal Psychology of Music is available online.   The main research articles are listed below.  If you click on the DOI, it will take you to a page which has the article’s abstract.

  • Does timbre affect pitch?: Estimations by musicians and non-musicians  Allan Vurma, Marju Raju, and Annika Kuuda pp. 291-306, first published on August 27, 2010  doi:10.1177/0305735610373602
  • Music as emotional self-regulation throughout adulthood  Suvi Saarikallio  pp. 307-327, first published on October 1, 2010 doi:10.1177/0305735610374894
  • Measuring distinct types of musical self-efficacy Laura Ritchie and Aaron Williamon  pp. 328-344, first published on October 27, 2010  doi:10.1177/0305735610374895
  • Older amateur keyboard players learning for self-fulfilment  Angela Taylor pp. 345-363, first published on October 27, 2010 doi:10.1177/0305735610376262
  • Music researchers’ musical engagement  Clemens Wöllner, Jane Ginsborg, Aaron Williamon  pp. 364-382, first published on March 23, 2011. doi:10.1177/0305735610381592
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