Perception of Expression in Conductors’ Gestures: A Continuous Response Study

Authors:  Geoff Luck, Petri Toiviainen, Marc R. Thompson
Publication:  Music Perception
Publication volume & date:  September 2010, Vol. 28, No. 1
DOI:  10.1525/mp.2010.28.1.47
Abridged Summary: In this study, Luck, Toiviainen, and Thompson took a look at how performers perceive a conductor’s emotion. They used a technique called “point-light representation” to simulate a conductor’s movements and asked participants to use a slider to evaluate the performance on “perceived valence, activity, power, and overall expression.”

From abstract: Higher levels of expressivity were found to be conveyed by gestures characterized by increased amplitude, greater variance, and higher speed of movement.

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