The impact of basal ganglia lesions on sensorimotor synchronization, spontaneous motor tempo, and the detection of tempo changes

Authors: Michael Schwartze, Peter E. Keller, Aniruddh D. Patel, Sonja A. Kotz  Publication:  Behavioural Brain Research Epub date:  29 September 2010  DOI:  doi:10.1016/j.bbr.2010.09.015 Link:

Abridged Abstract: The basal ganglia (BG) are part of extensive subcortico-cortical circuits that are involved in a variety of motor and non-motor cognitive functions… Patients with focal lesions of the BG and healthy control participants were asked to align finger taps to tone sequences that either did or did not contain a tempo acceleration or tempo deceleration at a predefined position, and to continue tapping at the final tempo after the pacing sequence had ceased.

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